Please note that we will not be offering this program this season.

The guided night walk activity offers you the opportunity to explore the forest after the sun has set. We will guide you along one of our forest paths looking for and listening to the creatures of the night. We might see some of the endangered kauri snails, forest weta, or interesting spiders. You are also going to learn about the native New Zealand plants that grow in our rain forest and about the work that we do to protect them. It is unlikely that we will see at kiwi but might hear their calls from the depth of the forest. The highlight of the trip is to admire the hundreds of glow worms that live above a small waterfall. After the walk you will continue your forest immersion by sleeping suspended in one of our comfortable tree tents.

If you chose to stay with us for more than one night, you can pursue some of the following activities:

  • explore the trails of our jungle-like forest and discover old-growth trees, wild vegetation, and a string of waterfalls
  • learn about New Zealand's trees and birds
  • learn about nature conservation in New Zealand
  • participate in conservation activities
  • visit the beautiful Kai Iwi Lakes
  • visit Tane Mahuta - a two thousand year old tree - and the Waipoua forest
  • climb the Tokatoka Peak
  • hike up the Maunganui Bluff to marvel at view of the endless golden beach

Not sure what to pick? It will be our pleasure to take the time and tell you about the sanctuary and advise about the sights that you can see in the forest or further afield.

Ready to have a bit of fun and to try something new? Make a reservation!

Tree tent in the Pupu  Rangi Nature Sanctuary
Tree tent in the Pupu  Rangi Nature Sanctuary

One of our suspended tree tents

A night view of the tree tents

Night lights around the tree tents

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