If you ever wondered whether there still is a place in this world that has not been explored yet, the answer is yes!

This seven day program is a "best of" combination of our Conservation Volunteer and Tree Tent Experience programs and it allows you the freedom to explore our forest while taking the time to observe, reflect, and learn. You will start by learning about the history that led to the development of the unique New Zealand flora and fauna. Then, you will learn the basic navigation skills required to orient yourself in such a dense jungle-like rain forest. As the week progresses, through the conservation activities that you will participate in, you will build the skills and confidence required to venture into the unknown. Previous explorers have discovered a string of waterfalls, a number of a hundred year old trees, eels, and a magic place lit by countless glow worms. What will you discover?

Here are some of the things that you will learn and do during the program:

  • earn to find your way in a dense, jungle-like rainforest
  • go on a night safari spotting kiwi birds, glow worms, and eels
  • spend two nights in one of our suspended tree tents (mid December to end of March)
  • learn about New Zealand trees and birds
  • learn about nature conservation in New Zealand
  • participate in conservation activities
  • venture into the unknown parts of our rainforest
  • visit the beautiful Kai Iwi Lakes or Tane Mahuta - a two thousand year old tree

While staying with us, you will also have the opportunity to participate in any of the conservation activities listed in the Volunteer section, either in the sanctuary or in the nearby Department of Conservation (DOC) managed forests.

Explorer discovering a waterfall at the Pupu Rangi nature Sanctuary
Fallen log at the Pupu Rangi nature Sanctuary

Fallen tree deep in the middle of the sanctuary

Exploring the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary

Heading for an exploration along the creek

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